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Motorola 6457503100010 2-Port UDS ISDN

The Motorola UTA220 is a high speed terminal adapter with an integral U interface designed to provide users simple access to the data transmission capabilities of the ISDN Basic Rate Interface. It provides access to two 64-kbps B-channels for circuit switched or nailed up calls, and to a 16-kbps D-channel for transferring signaling information. The D-channel also provides access to D-channel packet service. The UTA220 allows you to connect two terminals, PCs or other data terminal equipment to the ISDN for ..


Motorola 49151 3512 DSU/CSU Modem

Motorola 3512 is the intelligent, high-speed digital access device with Sync Data Compression (SDC) that delivers sync throughput up to 256 kbps over standard 56 kbps lines...