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Polycom 2200-17444-001 SoundPoint Replacement HD Handset (Qty 1) +

Polycom Soundpoint Replacement HD Handset and Cord (Qty 1) + 2200-17444-001 This item is a replacement handset for the following Polycom Soundpoint phones:Polycom Soundpoint IP 550 Polycom Soundpoint IP 560 Polycom Soundpoint IP 650 Polycom Soundpoint IP 670..


Polycom 2200-12670-001 SoundPoint SIP IP670 VoIP Phone

The SoundPoint IP 670 is an application-enabled desktop IP phone with a high-performance color display, Polycomï¾’s revolutionary HD Voice for unparalleled voice quality, and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. It is designed to provide professionals with a vibrant color interface for easier viewing and navigation, as well as a high level of integration with productivity-enhancing applications and business processes...


Polycom 2200-11611-002 SoundPoint Wall Mount Bracket

Polycom Soundpoint IP 450 Wall Mount Bracket The Polycom wall mount bracket with part number 2200-11611-002 is only compatible with the SoundPoint IP 450 phone...


Polycom 2200-16000-001 SoundStation 2 (Non Expandable)

Polycom Soundstation 2 conference phone- Full duplex- Voice quality like the Polycom Premier- Includes a 2.5mm jack for connection to other communication devices (mobile phones, etc.).Caller ID and phonebook- 25# Phonebook/speed dial list- Patented acoustic clarity technology allows simultaneous, natural, freeflowing conversation- Twice the loudness and microphone sensitivity of the original SoundStation eliminate ear strain and repetition- Not expandable.Connects into any analog phone jack and can be c..


Polycom 2201-16000-601 SoundStation 2 Conference Phone Non-Expandable

Accommodates up to 15 participants Full-duplex operation with digitally tuned speaker, and three unidirectional microphones Plug-and-play installation Acoustic Clarity TechnologyTM for crystal-clear sound Integrated keypad with on-hook dialing 360° room coverage Adjustable ringer Network interface Multipoint conference bridge compatibility Built-in diagnostics Dual color LEDs Requires an analog station port or central office line portThis unit is sold without power supply. If you require a power supply, p..


Polycom 2201-16000-001 SoundStation 2 Conference Phone Station Non-Expandable

The SoundStation2 has industry-leading full duplex for natural, simultaneous two-way conversation, exceeding your expectations in medium to small conference rooms. Delivering remarkable voice quality and a 50% increase in microphone sensitivity over the SoundStation, users can speak in a normal voice and be heard clearly up to 10 feet away.Conference System Features:3 cardioid microphones 300 to 3500 Hz (not included) Dynamic noise reduction Caller ID Phone book/speed dial list (up to 25 entries)..


Polycom 2200-16200-001 SoundStation 2 Ex - Expandable Conference Phone with Caller ID

The Polycom SoundStation 2 EX is the ideal conference phone for small to midsize conference rooms that seat up to 10 participants. The optional Expansion Microphones ensure pickup that reaches to all corners of a medium sized conference room.Soundstation 2 EX FeaturesPatented Polycom Acoustic Clarity technology delivers remarkable voice quality and natural, free flowing conversations to make your voice conference calls more productive and enjoyable Unlike a desk set speakerphone, a true conference phone..


Polycom 2200-16155-001 SoundStation 2 EX Expansion Microphones Mics

Pair of external microphones for use with the Polycom Soundstation 2 EX Ensures microphone pickup reaches to all corners of a medium-sized conference room..


Polycom 2201-07155-605 SoundStation 2 Extended Microphone

This is a single Microphone -- if you need two Microphones, please make sure you purchase quantity 2 of this item. Does not include connection cable...


Polycom 2201-16020-001 SoundStation 2 Wall Module Power Supply

We have a limited number of cables available -- please assume that no cables are included, and we will include them if we have them. 110-120V 0.2A 50/60HZ..


Polycom 2201-16020-601 SoundStation 2 Wall Module Power Supply

We have a limited number of cables available -- please assume that no cables are included, and we will include them if we have them. 110-120V 0.2A 50/60HZ..


Polycom 2200-07840-001 SoundStation 2W 2 External Microphone Pods

Product Name: SoundStation 2W 2 EX Microphones/Cables Compatible with 2W EX Only Product Type: Microphone Minimum Frequency Response: 300 Hz Maximum Frequency Response: 3.50 kHz Connectivity Technology: Wired Microphone Type: Desktop Sound Mode: Mono Cable Length: 6 ft..


Polycom 2201-07880-001 SoundStation 2W 2.4GHz Wireless Conference Phone

Please note that this conference phone does not include a power supply, base station, or any other accessories...


Polycom 2200-07800-001 SoundStation 2W EX VoIP Wireless Conference Phone

SoundStation 2W EX (2200-07800-001) Now there's a conference phone without cords that gives you the freedom to conference anywhere team collaboration is important - even in rooms where there are no phone lines. With superior voice quality, proven 2.4 GHz wireless technology, added security of voice encryption, up to 24 hours of talk time, and the ability to dial through a cell phone, the SoundStation2W is the new standard for everyday conferencing.Acoustic Clarity Technology for natural, simultaneous 2-wa..


Polycom 2201-67880-022 SoundStation 2W WDCT 2.4Ghz Wireless Conference Phone

The SoundStation2W Wireless Conference Phone is a circuit switched platform compatible with any analog telephone line or analog terminal adapter (No PBX system needed). It will work the same as a single-line telephone typical to most households that works on a landline. Most analog or digital systems can operate a single-line telephone. If you are unsure whether this Polycom will work on your system, try a single-line telephone on any extension (you will have to dial 9 to get an outside line).Base station..


Polycom 2201-07810-001 SoundStation 2W Wireless Base Station / Receiver Module

We have a limited number of cables and power supplies available. Please assume that you just get the square box without the cables and power supply pictured. If we do have the cables and power supply in stock we will include them at no cost to you. Please call if you have any questions...