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3Com 3C882 20-0425-001 Impact IQ ISDN External

The power-packed 3ComImpact IQ modem puts you at the head of the class in digital modem performance and ease of use. Simple to install and connect to an ISDN line, this modem delivers 230 Kbps of throughput, data compression, a SPID (Service Profile Identifier) Wizard for automatic configuration, and the highest level of interoperability and standards support. The 3ComImpact IQ external ISDN modem is the smart way to browse and transfer files, graphics, video, or e-mail from the Internet and corporate intra..


3Com 3C17516 24-Port 10/100/1000Base-T Switch 8800 Module

High performance, resilient, convergence-ready, Copper Gigabit Ethernet. Local Layers 2/3/4 switching at 40Gbps between ports on the same module...


3Com 3C16471 24-Port Baseline Switch 2024

3Com's new Baseline 10/100 Switch 16 and 24-port switches are unmanaged, feature-rich devices with wirespeed, non-blocking performance, providing a solution that can grow along with your business. Pre-configured for fast, easy installation, the switches operate free-standing or rack-mounted in a standard-size 19 inch wiring closet rack. All ports auto-negotiate port speed, making them ideal for offices requiring Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps) connections for desktops and office servers, with the ability to handle..


3Com 3C16902 24-Port Switch, 10Base-T RJ45 1-Port Fast Ethernet 100Base-TX

The SuperStack II Desktop Switch is specifically designed to connect desktops directly to a dedicated 10 Mbps port at an affordable price for widespread use. The switch provides 24 dedicated switched ports, with a built-in 100 Mbps full-duplex Fast Ethernet port for high-speed server and backbone connections. Module ports with optional 10 Mbps, Fast Ethernet, 155 Mbps ATM, or Gigabit Ethernet modules are available...


3Com 3CR17333A-91 26-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

The 3Com 3CR17333-91 Switch 4210 is a Layer 2 entry-level 10/100 LAN switch with enterprise-class QoS, security and management features, delivering high value for network administrators looking for an economical edge device that provides simple port expansion.Setting them apart from lower-end "smart managed" devices, the Switch 4210 supports an industry-standard Command Line Interface (CLI), Web-based administration, and SNMP management Cluster together up to 32 devices for easy administration, with singl..


3Com 3C10402A 3102 IP Business Phone

18 Programmable Buttons Speakerphone LED Status Indicators Power over Ethernet (PoE) 2 Line LCD Display..


3Com 3C16982 3300 3Com 8-Port 100Base-FX Switch

3Com's SuperStack II Switch 3300 connects your existing 10Mbps devices, connects high-performance workgroups with a 100Mbps backbone or server connection, and connects power users to dedicated 100Mbps ports - all in one switch. In addition, as part of the 3Com SuperStack II range of products, you can combine it with any SuperStack II system as your network grows.The Switch has the following hardware features: 12 or 24 Fast Ethernet auto-negotiating 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX ports, Matrix port for connecting un..


3Com 3C16971 3300 3Com Dual Port 100FX Module

Improved Backbone Performance Plus Resilience Add a cost-effective fiber Fast Ethernet backbone link to your switched workgroup for mission-critical traffic. This module enhances the 3Com® SuperStack II Switch 1100s and SuperStack 3 Switch 3300s to deliver full-duplex Fast Ethernet performance and dual-link resilience. Multiple units in a stack can share one high-speed backbone link...


3Com 655000803 3C10121 1102 NBX VoIP Business Phone

The 3Com NBX 1102 Business Phone (3C10121) provides a familiar, multi-line phone set with easy-to-use, advanced features and functionality available at the push of a button. Features include 18 programmable buttons, 10 preprogrammed features buttons, 2x16 LCD display plus 3 soft keys, intergrated 10 Mbps hub port, RJ-45 Ethernet connector.Built-in speakerphone with hands-free answer services and mute Two-line LCD display (2 line x 16 characters) with Caller ID support Preprogrammed services, including con..


3Com 3C16858 3C16858 Switch 7700 8-Port 1000BASE-GBIC Module

3Com Switch 7700 - Switch - Gigabit EN + 8 x GBIC (empty) - plug-in module. This module delivers eight ports of high-performance Gigabit Ethernet switching with optional Gigabit interface converters (GBIC) for both fiber and copper connections. 3Com Switch 7700 modules support on-board or local Layer 2 switching, allowing packets to remain local to the module, which reduces backplane and switch fabric loading. This reduces congestion in the network minimizing packet loss, to help enable applications to run ..


3Com 3C509B-TPO 3C509BTPO 3C509B TPO EtherLink III ISA 10Base-T Network Interface Card

These network interface cards are easy to install in both Plug and Play and nonPlug and Play environments: Windows 95 Plug and Play PCs automatically detect and configure the card; for PCs running DOS or Windows 3.1, 3Com's AutoLink auto-installation software automatically installs the NetWare universal client.Transcend network management provides integrated SNMP management of both hubs and cards; support for the Desktop Management Interface (DMI) allows manageability by any DMI-compliant software. Ether..


3Com 3C16470 3COM

The 3Com Baseline 10/100 Switch 16-Port is an unmanaged, nonblocking switch designed for small to midsize offices. This rack mountable, business-class switch can be installed in a wiring closet or as a free-standing unit. The switch comes preconfigured for fast, easy installation using economical copper wiring. Auto-negotiation adjusts the port speed to match the communicating device. Any of the switch's 16 ports can deliver 10BASE-T Ethernet for users with average bandwidth requirements, or 100BASE-TX Fas..


3Com 3CSFP91 3Com 1000Base-SX SFP Module (LC) C

This SFP (Small Form-factor Plug-in) transceiver enables one 1000BASE-SX connection. SFPs (a.k.a. mini-GBIC) have a form factor one-half the size of current industry standards. This SFP transceiver can be used to populate the 24 ports in a 3Com Switch 4070 or mixed and matched with other SFP transceivers to provide exceptional media flexibility...


3Com 3CP3468 3COM/US Robotics ISDN Terminal Adapter, 128k, ISDN Modem

The 3Com U.S. Robotics ISDN TA puts high-speed productivity on your desktop - more working, less waiting. With ISDN service from your phone company, the ISDN TA gives you 128K digital communication with the Internet, a remote corporate network, or other computers. Thats more than double the speed of a 56K modem, four times as fast as 28.8. With compression, you could see speeds of 230.4 Kbps or more. The U.S. Robotics ISDN TA also saves you money - you can use a single ISDN line for all your home or office ..