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3Com 3C16470 3COM

The 3Com Baseline 10/100 Switch 16-Port is an unmanaged, nonblocking switch designed for small to midsize offices. This rack mountable, business-class switch can be installed in a wiring closet or as a free-standing unit. The switch comes preconfigured for fast, easy installation using economical copper wiring. Auto-negotiation adjusts the port speed to match the communicating device. Any of the switch's 16 ports can deliver 10BASE-T Ethernet for users with average bandwidth requirements, or 100BASE-TX Fas..


3Com 3CSFP91 3Com 1000Base-SX SFP Module (LC) C

This SFP (Small Form-factor Plug-in) transceiver enables one 1000BASE-SX connection. SFPs (a.k.a. mini-GBIC) have a form factor one-half the size of current industry standards. This SFP transceiver can be used to populate the 24 ports in a 3Com Switch 4070 or mixed and matched with other SFP transceivers to provide exceptional media flexibility...


3Com 3CP3468 3COM/US Robotics ISDN Terminal Adapter, 128k, ISDN Modem

The 3Com U.S. Robotics ISDN TA puts high-speed productivity on your desktop - more working, less waiting. With ISDN service from your phone company, the ISDN TA gives you 128K digital communication with the Internet, a remote corporate network, or other computers. Thats more than double the speed of a 56K modem, four times as fast as 28.8. With compression, you could see speeds of 230.4 Kbps or more. The U.S. Robotics ISDN TA also saves you money - you can use a single ISDN line for all your home or office ..


3Com 3C16820 4005 Switch Chassis with Management Fabric Interface and 1x AC Power Supply

Plug-and-Play Simplicity Expand your network's switching capabilities with these preinstalled modules in a quality 14-slot chassis. The unit is ready to accept modules of your choice with expansion capabilities of up to 96 Fast Ethernet ports and up to 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports.Hot-swappable power supply modules and fan assemblyWeb-based management module..


3Com 3C16801 4007 Chassis No Power Supply

This seven-slot chassis ensures redundancy and reliability for the 3Com Switch 4007...


3Com 3CR17343-91 4210 Power over Ethernet PoE 26-Port Ethernet Switch

The 3Com Switch 4210 is a Layer 2 entry-level 10/100 LAN switch with enterprise-class QoS, security and management features, delivering high value for network administrators looking for an economical edge device. Power over Ethernet (PoE) provided by this switch is ideal for voice over IP and wireless networking installations. Setting them apart from lower-end "smart managed" devices, the Switch 4210 supports an industry-standard Command Line Interface (CLI), Web-based administration, and SNMP management. C..


3Com 3C17222 4300 SuperStack 3 Switch 1-Port 100Base-FX Module

Scale the performance of your Ethernet/Fast Ethernet network by adding this module to the 3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4400, Switch 4400 FX, Switch 4400 PWR, or Switch 4400 SE 10/100 managed switch. This module provides a resilient, short-haul, high-performance inter-workgroup or workgroup-to-backbone 100 Mbps Ethernet connection...


3Com 3C17141 4300 SuperStack 3 Switch 1000Base-LX

Enhance performance in your small office Ethernet/Fast Ethernet network by adding an optional expansion module to the 3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4300. This single-port module provides a Gigabit uplink long-haul fiber requirements. It provides a high-speed backbone link for easy integration into a larger network. This module inserts easily into the expansion slot at the back of the Switch 4300...


3Com 3C410027A 531U ISDN Router (1 RJ45, 1 ISDN Port)

With OfficeConnect® Remote access routers, small businesses and home offices can inexpensively establish high-speed ISDN connections to other networks, the Internet, and commercial information services. Quick to install and easy to configure, OfficeConnect Remote access routers bring WAN connectivity within the reach of every office setting. Economical features like data compression and IPX session spoofing keep ISDN transmission costs to a minimum. For use with AppleTalk networks, the new OfficeConnect Rem..


3Com 005686-03 5686 3Com 56K External Modem

The World Wide Web offers businesses and families a range of resources no one could imagine only a few years ago. But to see the detailed graphics and lifelike motion built into today's most advanced sites, or to hear near-CD quality sound, computer users need the fastest downloads possible over analog phone lines. Now the 56K Faxmodem gives users faster downloads for a more exciting, rewarding online experience.The ITU has now decided on an international 56K standard: V.90. U.S. Robotics is the first V.90-..