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3Com 3C16852 7700 Chassis with AC Power Supply

The 3Com Switch 7700R starter kit provides the foundation for delivering performance, security and quality of service in a modular eight-slot chassis.Product Features:* Single, compact modular chassis for easier aggregation of switching * Two power supplies, fan assembly and switching fabric pre-installed * Optional redundant fabric ensures high availability for key core networking requirements * The backplane is passive (contains no active components) for the highest reliability * I..


3Com 3C16851 7700R 8-Slot Chassis

The 3Com Switch 7700R 8-Slot Upgrade Kit is intended for those with an operating Switch 7700 7-Slot environment desiring to migrate to the resilient Switch 7700R system. The upgrade kit includes just the "incremental components" needed for a Switch 7700R system. This includes the actual Switch 7700R 8-slot chassis as well as the chassis-specific fan assembly and software. To this can be added components from an operational Switch 7700 7-Slot system: power supplies; switch modules; switch fabric. A second re..


3Com 3CRWE776075 7760 Wireless Access Point 11a/b/g PoE

The dual band user configurable 802.11a or 802.11b/g, Wi-Fi certified 3Com Wireless 7760 11a/b/g PoE Access Point is an attractive solution for cost effectively and securely extending mobile access to wired network resources or creating full-featured networks in small and medium businesses, remote sites, or temporary locations. Displaying ultra-fast speeds of up to 108Mbps in turbo mode, and superior long-range connectivity with eXtended range (XR) technology this access point supports up to 64 wireless use..


3Com 3C37800 7800 Gigabit Ethernet Interface Module

The CoreBuilder 7000HD - 7800 Gigabit Ethernet Interface Card provides ATM to Gigabit Ethernet connectivity via four 1000Base-SX Gigabit Ethernet per card and up to 16 per chassis. As Ethernet speeds evolve from 10Mbps through 100Mbps to 1Gbps, the addition of the 7800 Gigabit Ethernet Interface Card enhances the CB7000HD family to as an effective core and edge solution. Network designers will be able to use the 7800 Interface Card as a cost-effective solution for workgroup switch aggregation, high performa..


3Com 3C512200 820AT-1/2 Fiber Converter

The 3Com Fiber Converter TR supports IEEE 802.5 standard Token Ring network communications over optical fiber cable at either 4 or 16 MBPS data rates. The Fiber Converter is best suited for communications between: end stations and hubs, internetworking devices (switches, routers, etc.) and hubs, two or more hubs via Ring In/Ring Out connections. The Fiber Converter TR automatically selects between 4 MBPS and 16 Mbps data rates. This simplifies installation and guarantees correct operation without interrupti..


3Com 3CB9EP8 9000 CoreBuilder Power Supply

The CoreBuilder 9000 16-slot chassis can contain four front-loading modular power supplies. The power supplies provide DC power to the switch fabric modules and interface modules, Enterprise Management Engine (EME) and Enterprise Management Controller (EMC), fans, and backplane. CoreBuilder 9000 power supplies are autosensing. Each power supply can automatically sense the type of input voltage to which it is being connected at the electrical outlet...