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3Com 3CB9EP8 9000 CoreBuilder Power Supply

The CoreBuilder 9000 16-slot chassis can contain four front-loading modular power supplies. The power supplies provide DC power to the switch fabric modules and interface modules, Enterprise Management Engine (EME) and Enterprise Management Controller (EMC), fans, and backplane. CoreBuilder 9000 power supplies are autosensing. Each power supply can automatically sense the type of input voltage to which it is being connected at the electrical outlet...



3Com AirConnect 11 Mbps Wireless LAN solutions provide convenient, fast, reliable, and manageable network access. AirConnect Access Points, PC Cards, and PCI Cards extend LAN connectivity to any conference room or office - delivering "wired-like " performance when and where you need it. Using Access Points, you can record signal strength and packet error information as you move around the building, ensuring wireless coverage that meets your requirements. Once installed, AirConnect offers several manageabili..


3Com 3C16478 Baseline 16-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch 2816

The 3Com Baseline Switch 2816 is a highly affordable, high-performance unmanaged Gigabit switch, ideal for dynamic, creative small-business environments. 1000 Mbps Gigabit speeds and a switching capacity of 48 Gbps meet the performance needs for even the most bandwidth-hungry applications. Advanced switching features such as Class-of-Service (CoS) 802.1p traffic prioritization make sure that real-time applications such as video and audio take priority so they run effectively, and enable the switches to oper..


3Com 3C16476A Baseline 2250 48-Port 10/100/1000 Ethernet Switch

The 3Com Baseline Switch 2250 delivers highly affordable wire-speed Layer 2 switching for small to mid-sized networks that don't need management capabilities. The switch includes 48 10/100 switching port and two dual-purpose ports for copper or fiber Gigabit connections. Choose between running high-speed 10/100/1000 for fixed copper network backbones or servers or Gigabit SFPs (Small Form-Factor Plug-in or mini-GBIC) with 1000BASE-LX or -SX transceiver modules for connections to fiber backbones or servers. ..


3Com 3C16476 Baseline 48-Port Ethernet Switch + 2 Gigabit Ports

The 3Com Baseline Switch 48-Port Plus 2 10/100/1000 delivers highly affordable wirespeed switching for simple, high-density, copper-wired Ethernet networks that don't need management capabilities. This fixed-configuration, non-blocking 50-port switch combines Layer 2 switching with plug-and-play installation and exceptional reliability. Forty-eight 10/100 ports provide flexible desktop and workgroup connections, while two built-in 10/100/1000 ports enable backbone and server connections. All the ports autom..


3Com 3C16593B Baseline Dual Speed Hub 24 Port

3Com® SuperStack® 3 Baseline hubs meet the demands of midsize businesses and branch offices. The hub offers a smooth way to migrate to high performance yet support both Ethernet and Fast Ethernet network devices. Autosensing ports match the speed of attached devices to optimize performance; a built-in switch seamlessly connects users..


3Com 3C16593 Baseline Dual Speed Hub 24 Port

The 3Com SuperStack II Baseline Dual Speed Hubs give you the simplest way to migrate to high-speed Fast Ethernet networking while protecting your existing network investment. The Baseline Dual Speed Hubs allow you to provide high-speed connections to users while maintaining compatibility with legacy shared 10 Mbps Ethernet networks. Power users using Fast Ethernet who require faster server and network response times can coexist with Ethernet users without draining valuable network bandwidth. Each Baseline D..


3Com 3C16470B Baseline Switch 2016 16-Ports 10/100

The 3Com Baseline Switch 2016 is a 16-port unmanaged, 10/100 nonblocking switch designed for small to midsize offices. This rack mountable, business-class switch can be installed in a wiring closet or as a free-standing unit.The switch comes preconfigured for fast, easy installation using economical copper wiring. Auto-negotiation adjusts the port speed to match the communicating device. Any of the switch's 16 ports can deliver 10BASE-T Ethernet for users with average bandwidth requirements, or 100BASE-TX F..