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3Com 3CB9EME CoreBuilder 9000, Switch 4007, Ethernet Management Engine, Standard

The 3Com CoreBuilder 9000 Enterprise Management Engine (EME) is an SNMP-based network management module that enables you to configure and manage the 3Com CoreBuilder 9000 7-slot chassis, 8-slot chassis, and 16-slot chassis, and their modules. Use EME module to manage the chassis through the EME command interface, which you access through the serial port or through SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), to gain access to the Administration Console of switching modules, switch fabric modules, and interfac..


3Com 3C17776 CX4 Local Connection Cable, 100 cm

Product Description 3Com stacking cable - 3.3 ft Type: Stacking cable Length: 3.3 ft Connector(s): 1 x 4x InfiniBand (SFF-8470) Connector(s) (Other Side): 1 x 4x InfiniBand (SFF-8470)..


3Com 3C17777 CX4 Local Connection Cable, 300 cm

3Com stacking cable - 10 ft Type: Stacking cable Length: 10 ft Connector(s): 1 x 4x InfiniBand (SFF-8470) Connector(s) (Other Side): 1 x 4x InfiniBand (SFF-8470)..


3Com 3C16750B Dual Speed Hub 8-Port 10/100 RJ45

3Com OfficeConnect Dual Speed Hub 8 provides affordable high-speed networking for small businesses. Designed specifically for the small company or home office, this flexible, reliable, Plug and Play hub offers a smooth way to migrate to higher Fast Ethernet performance yet still support Ethernet PCs and network devices. Autosensing 10/100 Mbps ports match the speed of any attached device to optimize throughput. A built-in switch seamlessly connects 10/100 Mbps users...


3Com 3C900B-FL-ST Etherlink 10 PCI Fiber Network Interface Card

Enhanced 10 Mbps with Security and Manageability. Fiber-optic LANs are ideal for areas with significant electrical interference or that need extra security. This NIC is designed to improve the performance of desktop PCs using the industry's best 10 Mbps performance/efficiency ratings—with the highest throughput and lowest CPU utilization. And it supports centrally controlled, remote management...


3Com 3C905B-TX-NM EtherLink 10/100 PCI 821307 821308

This Fast Ethernet 3Com 10/100 PCI Network Interface Card (NIC) Product #: 3C905B-TX-NM can raise desktop performance and manageability to help you lower the total cost of network ownership. Centralize desktop configuration, improve network security, and eliminate hours of local support. This reliable network connection works with the most popular platforms and applications...


3Com 3C509B-TPC EtherLink 10Base-T ISA Network Interface Card

The 3Com Etherlink 10 ISA TPC network interface card will work with your 16-bit ISA IBM-compatible PC, every major PC operating system, and every major network operating system. Plus, you'll see faster data throughput due to its superior Parallel Tasking® performance. Built to last, this ISA NIC will work day after day—backed by 3Com's unmatched quality and reliability. This 10Base2 Ethernet NIC operates with a broad range of Hubs, as well as half- and full-duplex Switches, over Category 3, 4, or 5 twisted-..


3Com 3C509B-COMBO EtherLink III 16-BIT ISA COMBO

This is the EtherLink III ISA Combo Network Interface Card for your 10BASE-T or COAX network from 3Com. This card is ideal for those who want optimum performance for their PCI bus computers with the flexibility of a combo card containing RJ-45, BNC and AUI connectors. Installation is a breeze with these cards using the AutoLink software, which consists of a single step procedure. Full SNMP management is available through the integrated Transcend PC Link SmartAgent software, and since it is Desktop Managemen..