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3Com 3CB9RF12R CoreBuilder 9000, Switch 4007 12-Port 10/100Base-TX Layer 3 Fast Ethernet RJ45 Switching Module

This is CB 9000 12-ports 10/100 BTX Layer 3 Switch Model. The 10/100BASE-TX Layer 3 switching module is an intelligent interface module with embedded management agents that support standard System Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Management Information Bases (MIBs)...


3Com 3CB9FG24T CoreBuilder 9000, Switch 4007 24Gbps Gigabit Ethernet Module with 12 Trunk Groups

The 3CB9FG24T 3Com Switch Fabric module connects directly to the chassis backplane to provide high-speed, low-latency connectivity between 3Com Switch 4007 (AKA CoreBuilder 9000) interface modules...


3Com 3CB9LF36R CoreBuilder 9000, Switch 4007 36-Port 10/100Base-TX RJ45 Layer 2 Switching Module

High-density Fast Ethernet Switching Module Enhance the flexibility and performance of the 3Com® Switch 4007 and Switch 4007R with this high-density Layer 2 copper Fast Ethernet switch module.Layer 2 module offers 36-port 100BASE-TX configurationSupports port-based Virtual LANs, Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) snoopingSupports four groups of RMON and link aggregation..


3Com 3CB9RG4 CoreBuilder 9000, Switch 4007 4-Port 1000Base Gigabit Ethernet Layer 3 Module

For the CoreBuilder 9000 / 4007 Enterprise SwitchModule DescriptionThe 4-port Gigabit Ethernet Layer 3 Switching Module (GBIC) (Model Number 3CB9RG4) for the CoreBuilder 9000 /4007 Enterprise Switch provides high-port-density, line speed, Gigabit Ethernet switching and routing on backbone networks running at Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Layer 3.The module offers the following connectivity:Four Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC) ports on the front panel can be either 1000BASE-LX (single-mode fi..


3Com 3CB9EME CoreBuilder 9000, Switch 4007, Ethernet Management Engine, Standard

The 3Com CoreBuilder 9000 Enterprise Management Engine (EME) is an SNMP-based network management module that enables you to configure and manage the 3Com CoreBuilder 9000 7-slot chassis, 8-slot chassis, and 16-slot chassis, and their modules. Use EME module to manage the chassis through the EME command interface, which you access through the serial port or through SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), to gain access to the Administration Console of switching modules, switch fabric modules, and interfac..


3Com 3C17776 CX4 Local Connection Cable, 100 cm

Product Description 3Com stacking cable - 3.3 ft Type: Stacking cable Length: 3.3 ft Connector(s): 1 x 4x InfiniBand (SFF-8470) Connector(s) (Other Side): 1 x 4x InfiniBand (SFF-8470)..


3Com 3C17777 CX4 Local Connection Cable, 300 cm

3Com stacking cable - 10 ft Type: Stacking cable Length: 10 ft Connector(s): 1 x 4x InfiniBand (SFF-8470) Connector(s) (Other Side): 1 x 4x InfiniBand (SFF-8470)..


3Com 3C511153 Dual Rate Media Filter 4/16 8 Foot

Dual Rate Media Filter acts as a Type 1 Media Filter for converting from UTP cabling with an RJ-45 connector to a PC Token Ring adapter with a DB9 connector...

3Com 3C16750B Dual Speed Hub 8-Port 10/100 RJ45

3Com OfficeConnect Dual Speed Hub 8 provides affordable high-speed networking for small businesses. Designed specifically for the small company or home office, this flexible, reliable, Plug and Play hub offers a smooth way to migrate to higher Fast Ethernet performance yet still support Ethernet PCs and network devices. Autosensing 10/100 Mbps ports match the speed of any attached device to optimize throughput. A built-in switch seamlessly connects 10/100 Mbps users...


3Com 3C900B-FL-ST Etherlink 10 PCI Fiber Network Interface Card

Enhanced 10 Mbps with Security and Manageability. Fiber-optic LANs are ideal for areas with significant electrical interference or that need extra security. This NIC is designed to improve the performance of desktop PCs using the industry's best 10 Mbps performance/efficiency ratings—with the highest throughput and lowest CPU utilization. And it supports centrally controlled, remote management...