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Adtech 401311 AX/4000 155.52 Generator Analyzer

Spirent Adtech AX401311 155.52Mbps Generator/Analyzer for AX4000 (Version II) Generator/Analyzer module. Provides traffic generation and analysis capability at a maximum rate of 155.52 Mbps.Adtech, Inc. announced the Version II line of test modules for the company’s AX/4000 broadband test system (formerly AX/4000 ATM test system). Designed for testing broadband networks and switching equipment, these modules provide full-rate operation at speeds up to 155.52 Mbps.The Version II modules feature high-den..


Adtech 400317 AX/4000 622.08 Mbps OC-12 ATM Generator Analyzer

Adtech (Spirent) AX/4000 622.08 Mbps ATM Generator Analyzer Module...


Adtech 400302 AX/4000 DS3 Interface

This combination port interface and faceplate provides DS3 physical connections for AX/4000 Generator, Generator/Analyzer, and ATM Network Impairment Emulator test modules...


Adtech 401381 AX/4000 IP (Layer3) Gigabit Ethernet Multimode Module

Spirent Adtech AX/4000 IP (Layer3) Multi Mode Gigabit Ethernet Module..


Adtech 400301 AX/4000 OC-3c/STM-1 Single Mode Interface

Adtech (Spirent) AX/4000 OC-3c/STM-1 Single Mode Interface board..


Adtech 401382 AX/4000 POS/ATM/FR OC-3/OC12c SM

Adtech (Spirent) AX/4000 IP (Layer 3) POS/ATM/FR OC-3c/OC-12c Single Mode Interface board...