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Paradyne 7112-A1-201 1-Port SNMP CSU/DSU

Paradynes 7112 T1 DSU/CSU is the latest release in the 7000 Series of Digital Access Products. The 7112 supports both T1 and Fractional T1 network access. With an embedded SNMP agent, this single port T1 DSU/CSU is designed to interface Customer Premises Equipment such as routers, channel extenders, multiplexers, FEPs, and video teleconferencing equipment to either public or private T1 facilities. The synchronous V.35 DTE port supports data rates of Nx56 Kbps or Nx64 Kbps, where N can be from 1 to 24. Data ..


Paradyne 3160-A1-210 2 Channel CSU/DSU

The Acculink 3100 Series of CSU and DSU/CSU products is your source for intelligent, high quality T1 and Fractional T1 CSUs and DSU/CSUs. The 3100 CSUs and DSU/CSUs provide an interface between Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) and T1 or Fractional T1 services. They are fully compatible with D4 or ESF framing and satisfy both ANSI T1.403 and AT&T 54016 standards. The 3100s have expanded memory and are laced with enhanced features such as Paradyne's integrated Performance Monitor that provides end-point to multi..


Paradyne 3160-A3-210 3160 Acculink T1 DSU/CSU SA 2-Port TDM

Paradyne's ACCULINK 3160, 3161 and 3164 Data Service Unit/Channel Service Units (DSU/CSUs) are the ideal solution for cost-effective, high-speed access to LAN/WAN applications. The 3160 provides two data ports and a drop and insert port. The 3161 nest card is the rack mount version of the 3160, designed to fit in the Paradyne 3000 Series Carrier. The 3164 provides four data ports and a single drop and insert port. Paradyne's ACCULINK 3160 and 3164 Data Service Unit/Channel Service Units (DSU/CSUs) are the i..


Paradyne 3165-A2-210 3165 T1 CSU/DSU 1 Port

Paradynes ACCULINK 3165 Data Service Unit/Channel Service Unit (DSU/CSUs) is the ideal solution for cost-effective, high-speed access to LAN/WAN applications. Flexible and economical, the 3165 connects to T1 and Fractional T1 network services with data rates from Nx56/64 Kbps up to 1.536 Mbps. The ACCULINK 3165 delivers affordable access to the high-bandwidth requirements of LAN internetworking, video conferencing, CAD/CAM, data and image applications. Providing high-speed access, coupled with flexibility a..


Paradyne 3550-A1-001 3550 56K DSU/CSU 1-Port V.35

COMSPHERE 3550 Series DSU/CSUs are highly reliable, state-of-the-art digital products ideally suited for todays digital network environment. Based on a field-proven digital data pump and in the tradition of award-winning COMSPHERE products, the COMSPHERE 3550 Series DSU/CSUs provide a complete set of standard features and the most-asked-for user-selectable options. Yours will not glisten like the one pictured...