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Paradyne 3162-A4-210 Acculink CSU/DSU T1 2 Ports

The ACCULINK 3162 DSU/CSU provides economical, reliable, SNMP-manageable transportation for your voice and data traffic. Its state-of-the-art design is ideal for todays standards-based management networks and offers todays network manager worry-free reliability. The 3162 provides two data ports and a drop-and-insert port at a very competitive list price. The 3162 supports Facility Data Link (FDL) and Embedded Data Link (EDL) for non-disruptive, in-band SNMP management of T1 and FT1 circuits. It can also pro..

Paradyne 3150-A4-210 Acculink T1 CSU/DSU

We have a limited number of power supplies available for this item.Paradynes sophisticated ACCULINK 3150 Extended Superframe Format (ESF) T1 Channel Service Unit (CSU) is a full-featured CSU, which directly connects to multiple formatting environments, including D4 and ESF T1 facilities. The ACCULINK 3150 CSU provides optimum T1 network performance through a wide range of powerful features, including in-service diagnostics and T1 network protection. Compact and flexible, the ACCULINK 3150 CSU combines a w..


Paradyne 3160-A4-210 AT&T Acculink 2-Port T1 DSU CSU

The Acculink 3100 Series of CSU and DSU/CSU products is your source for intelligent, high quality T1 and Fractional T1 CSUs and DSU/CSUs. The 3100 CSUs and DSU/CSUs provide an interface between Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) and T1 or Fractional T1 services. They are fully compatible with D4 or ESF framing and satisfy both ANSI T1.403 and AT&T 54016 standards. The 3100s have expanded memory and are laced with enhanced features such as Paradynes integrated Performance Monitor that provides end-point to multi-..


Paradyne 3610-A3-024 AT&T ComSphere 3600 Series CSU/DSU

COMSPHERE 3610 Series Data Service Units (DSUs) are highly reliable, state-of-the-art products ideal for network-managed digital environments. The COMSPHERE 3610 DSU enables users to take maximum advantage of digital services...


Paradyne 3820-A1-001 AT&T Paradyne 3800 Series 19.2 Kbps Modem

The COMSPHERE 3800 Series Software-Defined (SD) modem family is based on Paradynes award-winning architecture that allows new features and enhancements to be downloaded over the public telephone lines. The COMSPHERE 3800 family consists of four unique full-featured V.32bis modems that support a wide variety of modulation schemes and functionality in both dial and leased-line applications. Managed by the COMSPHERE 6700 Network Management System (NMS), the COMSPHERE 3800 family provides a cost-effective solut..