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Alcatel MPM-1G Xylan Omni Switch Management Processor Module

The Alcatel OmniSwitch is an advanced, multi-layer switching platform providing integrated LAN and ATM switching, WAN connectivity, high-speed routing, virtual LANs, and IP firewalls. Designed for scalability and performance, each Alcatel OmniSwitch chassis is equipped with a 960 Mpbs frame bus and a high-speed 13.2 Gbps cell bus. The more recent and popular chassis include the 3-slot Alcatel Omni-3WX, the 5-slot Alcatel Omni-5WX and the 9-slot Alcatel Omni-9WX...


Alcatel OS-4024C Xylan OmniStack 24-Port 10/100Base-TX and 2-Port 100Base-TX Rackmountable Switch

OmniStack is a series of small Ethernet and 10/100 switches that deliver powerful Switched Network Services, Fast Ethernet uplinks, ATM uplinks, Gigabit Ethernet uplinks, WAN uplinks, and layer-three switching, all at low cost. What sets these switches apart from other small switches is Alcatel's focus on power, flexibility, and network services. The OmniStack 4000 series is equipped with 16 or 24 10/100 ports; each port supports both Ethernet and Fast Ethernet, or 24 ports Ethernet and Fast Ethernet with 2..