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Alcatel GSX-K-FM-2W Omni 2-Port Gigabit Switch Module PN 90179010

Alcatel's GSX-K-FM-2W Gigabit Ethernet switching module provide accelerated performance and immediate relief for backbone and server congestion. The proliferation of 10 and 10/100 desktop switching is driving users to higher-speed switching in the backbone. By preserving the same technology footprint as standard Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet switching assures users of an easy migration from their current backbone and server connections to gigabit speeds.Manufacturer: Alcatel-Lucent Manufacturer Part Number: ..


Alcatel GSM-FM-2W-4C Omni 2-Port Gigabit SX MM White

Alcatel's OmniSwitch Gigabit Ethernet uplink module provides a larger uplink pipe to Gigabit Ethernet backbones. The proliferation of 10 and 10/100 desktop switching is driving users to higher-speed uplink ports for connection to the backbone.Manufacturer: Alcatel-Lucent Manufacturer Part Number: GSM-FM-2W-4C Brand Name: Alcatel-Lucent Product Line: OmniSwitch Product Model: GSM-FM-2W-4C Product Name: OmniSwitch Gigabit Ethernet Uplink Module Product Type: Expansion Module Application/Usage: Data Networki..


Alcatel GSX-FM-4W Omni 4-Port Gigabyte Ethernet Switching Module

The GSX-FM-4W Gigabit Switching Module has four standards-based 1000BaseSX (multimode fiber) gigabit switch ports.This module transmit over OS/R's 22 Gbps distributed switching fabric to provide high-speed gigabit switching in the core, and the optional layer 3 switching engine (HRE-X) provides up to 12 Mpps performance at layer 3.Manufacturer: Alcatel-Lucent Manufacturer Part Number: GSX-FM-4W Brand Name: Alcatel-Lucent Product Model: GSX-FM-4W Product Name: GSX-FM-4W Gigabit Switching Module Product Typ..


Alcatel CSM-AB-DS3-2W Omni DS3 Module

Framing: C-bit, M23 , Interface timing: Derived master timing; internal and external clockManufacturer: Alcatel-Lucent Manufacturer Part Number: CSM-AB-DS3-2W Brand Name: Alcatel-Lucent Product Model: CSM-AB-DS3-2W Product Name: CSM-AB-DS3-2W ATM WAN Module Product Type: ATM Module Application/Usage: ATM Network Interfaces/Ports: 2 x DS-3/T3 Interfaces/Ports Details: 2 x BNC DS-3/T3 Data Transfer Rate: 45 Mbps DS-3/T3 Management: Loopback: Line loopback, Payload loopback, Cell loopback Form Factor: Hot-sw..


Alcatel OMNIS/R-5 Omni Switch/Router 5 Slot

The OmniS/R-5 chassis has five slots for an MPX and switching modules. Slots are numbered from 1 to 5 starting with the topmost slot. Slots for two power supplies are located at the bottom of the chassis.Manufacturer: Alcatel-Lucent Manufacturer Part Number: OMNIS/R-5 Brand Name: Alcatel-Lucent Product Line: OmniSwitch Product Model: OmniS/R-5 Product Name: OmniSwitch OmniS/R-5 Switch Chassis Product Type: Switch Chassis Number of Total Expansion Slots: 5 Expansion Slot Type: Management Module Expansion S..


Alcatel OA-512-FT1/FE1 OmniAccess 512 FT1/FE1 WAN Submodule

Model Number: OA-512-FT1/FE1 Manufacturer: Alcatel Description: OmniAccess 512 FT1FE1 WAN Submodule..