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Allied Telesyn AT8024-10 AT 8024 24-Port 9.6GBS S/W Fabric L2 10/100

Allied Telesyn's AT-8024 Fast Ethernet managed switch provides exceptional performance, ease of use and flexibility at an affordable price. Utilizing a robust 9.6 Gbps non-blocking switching architecture for wire speed packet forwarding and featuring priority queuing for weighted packet management, the AT-8024 is ideally suited for deployment in small and medium enterprises, in multi-unit buildings, hotels, schools and universities. Although the AT-8024 switch can be used as a Plug-and-Play device, an exten..


Allied Telesyn 8126XL CentraCOM Fast Ethernet Switch

The Allied Telesyn International AT-8126XL Fast Ethernet Switch combines exceptional performance, ease of use and flexibility at an affordable price. With options for fibre the AT-8126XL is perfect for either high-density workgroups or network backbones. The auto-negotiating 10/100 ports allow for compatibility with legacy 10Mbps Ethernet while providing a fuss free upgrade to 100Mbps Fast Ethernet. The AT-8126XL provides flexible upgrade options with a choice of additional 10/100TX or 100FX ports. With the..


Allied Telesyn AT-3624TR Centre Com 24-Port Hub

Each AT-3624TR comes with 24 10Base-T ports (RJ45.) An additional modular port (pre-configured with AUI applique) provides backbone or inter-repeater connectivity through multiple types of cable media. Optional backbone appliques include support for Unshielded Twisted Pair (10Base-T), Fiber Optic (10Base-FL) and Thinnet (10Base-2.)The AT-3624TR is fully self-contained with internal universal power supply, advanced IEEE 802.3/ Ethernet repeater functionality, diagnostic LED support and comprehensive network ..


Allied Telesyn AT-3016TR CentreCOM 16-Port Network Hub

These Workgroup Hubs are twisted pair hubs intended to connect IEEE 802.3 10Base-T network segments through one unit. Each hub has one twisted pair port specifically designed with an uplink (cascading) capability supporting a Media Dependent Interface (MDI/MDI-X) crossover switch. As many as four hubs can be cascaded together to form a specific workgroup containing as many as 90 nodes. These Workgroup Hubs also contain two additional ports for attachment to other Local Area Network (LAN) media. One such por..


Allied Telesyn AT-RP24I Rapier 24I Layer 3 Fast Ethernet Switch 24-Ports

Allied Telesyn Rapier 24i AT-RP24I Layer 3 SwitchDetails:Manufacturer: Allied Telesyn Model: Rapier 24i Part Number: AT-RP24I..