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Synoptics 2310 Ethernet Hub

The System 2000 family of 10BASE-T Ethernet hubs from Bay Networks offers simple, scalable connectivity and management solutions for starting and expanding Ethernet local area networks (LANs).Single System 2000 Ethernet hubs can serve as stand-alone units for entry-level LANs connecting up to 16 users. As requirements grow, new hubs can be added to create a cluster supporting up to 80 nodes, delivering a scalable solution that simplifies network expansion while protecting original investments.A variety ..


Synoptics 3000NT LattisNet Premises Concentrator Model 3000 12-Slot

The System 3000 family of intelligent networking hubs delivers a flexible platform for implementing and supporting a variety of large, complex physical star-topology networks over a buildings structured cabling system. Far more versatile than the single-technology hubs, the modular System 3000 chassis is an extremely reliable, easy-to-use, upgradable platform that supports shared media, routing, bridging, and switching technology.System 3000 intelligent networking hubs, consisting of five Premises chassi..