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Ascend TNT-SP-DC-H DC Power Supply

In: -48VDC, 35A Out: +5V @ 160A, +3.3V @ 8A, +12V @ 3A, -5V @ 6A, -12V @ 6A..


Ascend MX20-T1 Max 2000 Corporate WAN Router

By eliminating the need for separate lines, the MAX 2000 WAN access switch minimizes excessive network equipment and transmission costs and delivers the lowest price per port available. Adding users to the network is cost effective via the Hybrid Access software included. This product also gives small office workers, mobile users, and telecommuters support for email, Internet access, videoconferencing access and file transfer capabilities - directly from their remote sites. This ideal switch provides a cost..


Ascend MXHP-4T1-2 Max 4002 Router

The MAX 4002 and the MAX 4004 are high-powered, multiprotocol WAN access switches that allow corporations, carriers and service providers to extend their backbone networks to support remote office access, telecommuting and Internet access. By consolidating analog and digital access lines over high-speed digital trunks, the MAX 4002 and 4004 enhance call performance by maximizing line utilization and minimizing equipment problems. The scalable architecture provides an easy migration path from analog-based so..


Ascend RPM-1 Multiband RPM Base Unit 1 Remote Port

Multiband RPM is a self-contained port extension device that works with all Ascend Multiband products. Multiband RPM spans the distance from the network demarcation in the telecommunications closet to the application endpoint using existing plant wiring. RPM physically separates the application from the network access point while allowing users to control both the application and the network interfaces. RPM supports all the call setup options available with Multiband products: RS-366, V.25 bis, X.21, and co..


Ascend MBV-BRI4U Multiband VSX BRI Inverse Multiplexer

The Multiband VSX BRI is a notebook-sized inverse multiplexer that extends a corporate videoconferencing network to remote sites using ISDN BRI circuits. The bandwidth-on-demand capabilities of the Multiband VSX BRI unit allow you to operate your video network at substantial savings by using only the bandwidth that is needed. An expansion module can be added for even greater bandwidth for more sophisticated applications. This unit fits into any room system rack or on any desktop and provides inverse multipl..