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AudioCodes M1K-VM-4FXS 4 FXS Port Module for Mediant 1000

AudioCodes 4-Port FXS ModuleThe AudioCodes M1K-VM-4FXS is an analog module for the AudioCodes Mediant 1000 gateway. Four FXS ports on this module support connectivity to analog phones, fax machines and other analog endpoints...


AudioCodes TP-1610 cPCI VoIP Communication Blade

The TP-1610 cPCI VoIP communication blade, based on dual AudioCodes’ TPM-1100 PMC Modules, is an ideal building block for deploying high-density, high-availability Voice over IP (VoIP) systems. The TP-1610 is suitable for VoIP gateways, IP-enabled call centers, large Telcos and next generation DLCs. Offering integrated voice gateway functionality capable of delivering up to 480 simultaneous calls, the TP-1610 supports all necessary functions for voice and fax streaming over IP networks...


AudioCodes M1K-VM-2SPAN Dual Span T1 Module for Mediant 1000

AudioCodes Dual Span T1 ModuleBring digital connectivity to your AudioCodes Mediant 1000 media gateway with this module. The AudioCodes M1K-VM-2SPAN module can expand your gateway with two T1 interfaces for integrating your existing digital telephony...


AudioCodes M1KB Mediant 1000 Media Gateway

AudioCodes Mediant 1000AudioCodes Mediant 1000 is a modular media gateway. Install the available digital or analog modules to configure this gateway as the ideal solution for your business' telephony. Set up the gateway to support SIP trunking, SIP mediation and other services for offices, contact centers and remote workforces.The AudioCodes Mediant 1000 gateway supports a standalone survivability option, or PSTN failover, in the event of a WAN or IP failure. For audio, the gateway supports wideband and..


AudioCodes M2K-D5 Mediant 2000 16-Span Digital Gateway

AudioCodes Mediant 2000A total of 16 T1 interfaces equip the AudioCodes Mediant 2000 VoIP media gateway. Connect your digital telephony to a SIP-based trunking service, IP Centrex system or VoIP access. This dynamic gateway can also connect a PSTN, PBX or other service.The AudioCodes Mediant 2000 gateway is also compliant with UMTS, CDMA and GSM protocols to give your small business or enterprise's telephony even more flexibility. Control and manage this intelligent gateway from the user friendly GUI, m..

AudioCodes M2K-D4 Mediant 2000 8-Span Digital Gateway

AudioCodes Mediant 2000The AudioCodes Mediant 2000 VoIP media gateway is designed for small businesses. The eight T1 spans provide connectivity for your digital phones and endpoints. Interface your existing telephony with a PSTN, PBX and other service. Compliance with UMTS, CDMA and GSM gives the gateway more flexibility.Easily manage and administrate the AudioCodes Mediant 2000 gateway from the user friendly GUI. The gateway is ideal for VoIP trunking, IP Centrex and VoIP access. A dynamic platform and..


AudioCodes M2K Mediant 2000 Digital Gateway

AudioCodes Mediant 2000Scale and configure the AudioCodes Mediant 2000 VoIP media gateway to fit your digital telephony requirements. The gateway can support wired, wireless, cable and broadband applications. Install this telco-grade device in your small business or enterprise's server closet.The AudioCodes Mediant 2000 gateway can host up to 16 T1 spans. Combine the gateway with your PBX, PSTN, local IP radio access network or centralized mobile switching center server. Choose the standalone survivabil..


AudioCodes M800 Mediant 800 Media Gateway

AudioCodes Mediant 800Choose the configuration of the AudioCodes Mediant 800 gateway that fits your business' telephony and connectivity requirements. Connect your analog, digital and/or BRI endpoints to your IP PBX or SIP trunks. The gateway can also provide a connection to your PSTN should the primary VoIP solution fail.The AudioCodes Mediant 800 gateway offers echo cancellation and supports call functions like caller ID. Up to 60 voice channels are supported, completing the gateway's functionality as..


AudioCodes MP114 MP-114 2 FXS / 2 FXO ATA VoIP Adapter

AudioCodes MP-114Two FXS ports and two FXO ports outfit the AudioCodes MP-114 analog telephone adapter. Deploy this ATA with hosted services and IP PBXs. Connect the ATA to telephony endpoints like phones and fax machines.The AudioCodes MP-114 ATA provides echo cancellation and a jitter buffer, plus security features and Caller ID. Easily manage all of the ATA's features and functions from a web-based management tool.AudioCodes MP114 ATA Technical Specifications:Number of FXS Ports: 2 Number of FXO ..


AudioCodes MP118 MP-118 x FXS / x FXO ATA (Custom Combination)

AudioCodes MP-118The AudioCodes MP-118 ATA includes a mix of FXS and FXO ports. This ATA and VoIP gateway, all-in-one, facilitates high performance audio between your VoIP service and analog endpoints. Features like Caller ID, security protocols and firewalls give this ATA advanced compatibility with leading phone systems.Standard protocols like SIP, H.323 and MGCP are supported by the AudioCodes MP-118 analog telephone adapter. Use this device with phones, fax machines and other analog endpoints.Audi..


AudioCodes MP124 MP-124D 24 FXS Port ATA

AudioCodes MP-124DThe AudioCodes MP-124D VoIP adapter includes 24 FXS ports, via a 50-pin Telco connector. Over-voltage protection and surge immunity safeguards the ATA when FXS telephony cables are routed outdoors. Connect up to 24 analog endpoints, including phones and fax machines, to this analog telephone adapters.Advanced features like Caller ID, security protocols and firewalls equip the AudioCodes MP-124 for enhanced telephony on your VoIP network. The MediaPack series has been field-tested for i..


AudioCodes MP204 MP-204 4 FXS Port ATA

AudioCodes MP-204Interface your existing endpoints with the AudioCodes MP-204 ATA. Four FXS ports support analog phones or fax machines, featuring interoperability with SIP and T.38. The internal router, and WAN and LAN ports, function with DHCP, NAT and firewalls.The AudioCodes MP-204 VoIP gateway is ready for growing small businesses, SOHO or even residential environments. Experience incredible voice quality over VoIP or VoBB (voice over broadband). This analog telephone adapter supports caller ID, ca..


AudioCodes M1K-VM-4SPAN Quad Span T1 Module

AudioCodes Quad Span T1 Module The AudioCodes quad span E1/T1 digital voice module is for the Mediant 1000 gateway. Every Mediant 1000 gateway will support up to 4 digital modules or up to 4 spans...


AudioCodes M1K-VM-1SPAN Single Span T1 Module for Mediant 1000

AudioCodes Single Span T1 ModuleInstall this digital module with a single T1 span on your AudioCodes Mediant 1000 gateway...


AudioCodes TP400 TP-400 TP400, 120 Channel, cPCI, DSP, cPCI T1 Voice Card

* 120 Channels. * On-board RTP/RTCP. * 10/100 Base-T dual Ethernet interfaces. * Single-slot 6U cPCI card - no rear transition card needed. * H.110 bus for connection with other boards...