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Black Box SW281A S-COS/2 2-Port Serial Code Operated Switch

The Serial Code-Operated Switch (SCOS-2) enables you to switch between two serial devices - locally or remotely. Just send a special "trigger" character to the SCOS-2 and it switches ports. There's no unintended triggering, either - no matter what data you're sending. With an internal DIP switch, you select the arming character to use as a trigger...


Black Box KV7010A ServSwitch 2-Port KVM Switch

This compact ServSwitch enables you to control up to two USB computers from a single console that has a monitor and a USB keyboard and mouse. And to support the latest multimedia environments, the ServSwitch DT Pro with Audio also has built-in microphone and speaker jacks. You can use one microphone for audio input and listen to either computer's audio output on one set of speakers. The switch also has a built-in USB 2.0 hub, so you can connect additional shared peripherals on a one-computer-at-a-time basis..


Black Box KV752A ServSwitch ServShare 2-Port

Share one CPU with two sets of keyboards, monitors, and mice...


Black Box KV5008FA-R2 ServSwitch Ultra 8-Port KVM Switch

Description ServSwitch Ultra, Full Chassis, 8-PortQuick Facts Optimized for use with audio applications! Just use standard or coax audio cables. Multiplatform! Supports PC, Sun®, Mac®, and select UNIX servers. For use in server installations the include the latest blade servers.Further Details Highly durable and reliable computer and user-cable connections. Also available in mini and slim chassis, as well as 2-, 8-, 12-, and 16-port versions. On-screen menus and security. Cable distances of up to 100 fe..