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Bluesocket BSAP-1500 BlueSecure Access Point 1500

The BlueSecureTM Access Point 1500 is a next-generation, thin access point (AP) that works in conjunction with BlueSecure Controllers for enterprise wireless LAN (WLAN) deployments. The BlueSecure Access Point features dual radios supporting 802.11 a/b/g in a plenum-rated housing with fixed omni-directional antennas. BlueSecure Access Points extend and complement the industry-leading, enterprise-class wireless LAN security and management capabilities provided by BlueSecure Controllers. While providing indus..


Bluesocket WG-1000 Wireless Gateway Switch

Bluesocket has added a layer of security between wired and wireless resources via its WG-1000 gateway, which acts like a traffic cop for your wireless LAN. Much like a firewall protects an intranet from the Internet, the WG-1000 protects your secured wired network from attacks via the wireless network. Using IP Security, the gateway can give a higher level of protection than access points that use Extensible Authentication Protocol or Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol for authentication...


Bluesocket WG-1100 Wireless Gateway Switch

Bluesocket protects your network by enforcing authentication of all wireless users before they can gain access to network resources. The WG-1100 utilizes username/password combinations or digital certificates and supports a local database of users, or it can be configured to authenticate against LDAP, RADIUS, Active Directory or Windows NT Domain servers. Users can log into a Windows Domain and authenticate to the WLAN seamlessly with Bluesocket's unique "Transparent Windows Domain Login."Bluesocket Wirel..