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Brooktrout TR114-I4L 4-Port ISA Fax/Voice Card 4 Channel Loop Start

Brooktrout Technology’s TR114 Series of intelligent fax and voice boards have long been known as the “top of the line” for various Computer Telephony applications. Ideal for a wide range of FAX Communications ApplicationsFull-size ISA form factor board With 4 fax processing loop start channels, the Brooktrout TR114+I4L board is ideal for small to medium sized companies Support for Windows NT® and UNIX® operating systems ensure high reliability in multitasking environments Configure multiple boards in a si..


Brooktrout 900-190-41 PCI TR1034+P24H-T1-1N Voice/Fax Board

Brooktrout Technology is the market leader in intelligent fax technology, having pioneered the network fax market in 1987. The TR1034 series is the latest generation of intelligent fax boards from Brooktrout Technology, and offers enterprise customers a line of high performance 33.6 Kbps intelligent fax boards with real-time fax over IP capabilities for a variety of computer-based fax applications, such as network fax, fax broadcast, unified messaging, and business process automation. The TR1034 series deli..