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Cabletron 9F241-12 12-Port 100MBPS SC FDDI MMF SAS DAS Switch Module

The 9F241-12 is an FDDI Dual-Attached Concentrator module for the SmartSwitch 9000 that provides twelve master ports for connections to Single or Dual Attached Stations. The 9F241-12 module is ANSI FDDI-compliant with support for he SMT, MAC, PHY and PMD standards. The 9F241-12 directly attaches to the SmartSwitch 9000 Flexible Network Bus (FNB), delivering up to 400 Mbps of data bandwidth. Designed in accordance with the SmartSwitch Architecture, the 9F241-12 module utilizes the powerful Intel i960 micropr..


Cabletron ESX-1320 12-Port RJ45 Ethernet Workgroup Switch with BRIM Slot

The ESX-1320 features 12 switched 10Base-T ports (Full Duplex Switched Ethernet capable) and a Bridge/Router Interface Module (BRIM) slot, enabling the switch to connect servers, workstations and other network devices within a workgroup as well as provide users with a high-speed connection to an FDDI or ATM corporate backbone. Designed with dual i960 RISC processors, one dedicated for switching, the other providing advanced management capabilities including SNMP, RMON and Cabletron's Distributed Local Monit..


Cabletron HSIM-A6DP 2 Slot ATM High Speed Interface Module, BNC, SC, RJ45

Enterasys HSIM-A6DP is an Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) HSIM for SmartSwitch 6000 modules and the SmartSwitch 2200 providing redundant ATM Uplinks. The HSIM-A6DP uses a powerful Intel i960 microprocessor for high-speed packet/cell conversions. Like the FDDI HSIM, the HSIM-A6DP offers media flexibility via ATM Port Interface Modules (APIMs). Along with flexibility in connectivity, the Dual APIM design allows for redundant connections as separate ATM Access points. One APIM is configured to act as the prim..