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Cabletron FORMIM-22 FORMIM-22, 12-Port FOIRL, 10Base-FL, Repeater Module

The FORMIM-22 is an Ethernet 12-port repeater module, specially designed to work with Cabletron's MMAC-FNB series hubs equipped with the Ethernet Management Module (EMME or EMM-E6). This MultiChannel module provides connection to either of the two Ethernet channels on the MMAC-FNB backplane: channels B and C. The module can be set for Ethernet channel B, C, or standalone mode. When set to standalone, up to seven separately repeated segments are supported by the MMAC-FNB. The FORMIM-22 supports FOIRL fiber o..


Cabletron SEH-34 HubStack 24-Port 2 x 50 Pin Champ Connectors / Nonintelligent Stackable Hub

The nonintelligent part of Cabletron’s economical, scalable HubSTACK Series. These nonintelligent 10BASE-T stackable hubs provide flexibility to create an Ethernet network with up to 130 ports. The SEH-22 and the SEH-32 feature 12 UTP ports, while the SEH-24 and SEH-34 feature 24 UTP ports. All hubs are equipped with one or two Modular Ethernet Port Interface Module (EPIM), which provides an additional port of Ethernet connectivity via coax, fiber, STP, or UTP. As many as five nonintelligent SEH hubs can ..