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Cabletron 6E123-50 SmartSwitch 6000, 48-Port Ethernet Module, (4) RJ-21 Telco with(2) FEPIM Slots

48 port microLAN ethernet module (4 MicroLANs of 12 ports each via four telcos). Includes two FEPIM slots for two 100 Mbps uplinks. FE-PIMs are purchased separately...


Cabletron 6H122-08 SmartSwitch 6000, 8-Port Fast Ethernet 10/100MBPS RJ45 Expansion Module

The 6H122-08 is a Fast Ethernet interface module for Cabletron Systems 6C105 chassis that has six RJ45 switched ports and two optional Fast Ethernet Interface Module ports (100BASE-TX and 100BASE-FX) that provide Twisted Pair, Multimode, and Single Mode Fiber Optic cabling connectivity. The 6H122-08 is used to connect individual high-bandwidth user devices, such as workstations, and provides a central switching point for multiple 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet segments...


Cabletron 9E423-36 SmartSwitch 9000/9500 36-Port 10Base-T, 3-Port RJ-21 Module

This is a single-slot module for the SmartSwitch 9000 capable of hosting 36 switched Ethernet segments with a connection to the 2.5 Gbps Internal Network Bus (INB) backplane, offering greater bandwidth to more users. The ASIC-based SmartSwitch has the same inherent features found throughout the SmartSwitch line, such as embedded RMON management, broadcast storm protection, and more. The new ASIC-based Ethernet SmartSwitch modules allow for the robust configuration of switching systems capable of allowing ov..


Cabletron 9A656-04 SmartSwitch 9000/9500, 4-Slot Gigabit Ethernet Module, 4.5Bbps

The 9A656-04 is a 4.5 Gbps, single slot module for the SmartSwitch 9000/9500 chassis. Up to four ATM Network Interface Modules (ANIMs) of any type can be plugged into the 9A656-04 to provide front panel connectivity to the network. Cabletron Systems ANIMs can support up to 622 Mbps of bandwidth per port. The 9A656-04 switches data between the ANIMs and the Cell Transfer Matrix (CTM) backplane in the SmartSwitch 9500 chassis. This allows for high-speed switching of data between modules installed in the same ..


Cabletron SSR-HTX22-08-AA SSR 8-Port Fast Ethernet 10/100Base-TX RJ45 16MB Module

An 8-port 10/100BaseTX module for the SmartSwitch Router, Cat 5 RJ-45 ports, and 16 MB of memory (supporting up to 2,000,000 flows per SSR system) will expand the capabilities of your router by providing more reliable and faster connections.-8 port 10/100BaseTX module for the SmartSwitch Router 8600Features: -Compatibility: X-Pedition 8000, X-Pedition 8600 -Memory: 16 MB -Data Transfer Rate: 10Mbps Ethernet, 100Mbps Fast Ethernet -Cabling Type: Ethernet 10/100Base-TX -Ports Qty: 8 -Form Factor: Hot-swap..