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Cisco VWIC2-1MFT-T1/E 1 1-Port Multiflex Trunk Interface Card Voice/WAN

The VWIC2-1MFT-T1/E1 1-Port Multi flex Trunk Interface Card supports data and voice applications on the Cisco 1721 (data only), 1751 and 1760 Modular Access Routers, the Cisco 2600XM Multi service Router, the Cisco 2691 Multi service Platform, the Cisco 3662 Telco Versatile DCN Access Platform, the Cisco 3725 and 3745 Multi service Routers, and the Cisco 1841 (data only), 2801, 2811, 2821, 2851, 3825, and 3845 Integrated Services Routers. The Cisco MFT VWIC2 combines WAN-interface-card (WIC) and voice-inter..


Cisco 2520-CH 1 Ethernet 4 Serial ISDN Router

The Cisco 2500 series routers provide a variety of models designed for branch office and remote site environments. These routers are typically fixed configuration with at least two of the following interfaces: Ethernet (AUI), 10BaseT Ethernet hub, Token Ring, Synchronous serial, Asynchronous serial, ISDN BRI...


Cisco MEM-7835-H1-1GB 1 GB SDRAM RAM Memory Module

Manufacturer: Cisco Systems, Inc Manufacturer Part Number: MEM-7835-H1-1GB= Brand Name: Cisco Product Name: 1 GB SDRAM Memory Module Product Type: RAM Module Memory Size: 1 GB Memory Technology: SDRAM Number of Pins: 168-pin Compatibility: Cisco MCS 7835-H1..


Cisco 15454-FC-MR-4 1 or 2-Gbps Fibre Channel/FICON Card Service Module

The SL-Series Card is a four-port, 1.0625- or 2.125-Gbps Fibre Channel/FICON card. It uses pluggable gigabit interface converter (GBIC) optical modules for the client interfaces, enabling greater user flexibility when terminating multiple equipment types on to the same SL-Series Card. This card has four virtual SONET/SDH interfaces and the virtual ports can be provisioned using Contiguous Concatenation (CCAT) or Virtual Concatenation (VCAT) in sizes ranging from STS1-Nv to STS-3c-Nv in a SONET environment a..


Cisco CAB-RPS-1614 1 RPS 675 Connector Cable 16/14 Standard Power Cord

The DC output connectors require a Cisco 16-pin-to-14-pin cable (CAB-RPS-1614=) to connect to supported devices. One cable is supplied with the RPS; additional cables can be ordered separately. The 16-pin connector plugs into the RPS and the 14-pin connector plugs in to the device. Use only the Cisco cable for this connection.Product Name: 1 RPS 675 Connector Cable 16/14 Product Type: Standard Power Cord Cord Length: 3.94 ft Plug/Connector Type: 16-pin, 14-pin Compatibility: Cisco RPS 675..


Cisco R200-D1TC03 1 TB 3.5 SAS Internal Hard Drive

Dependable and voluminous, this Cisco 1 TB hard drive is designed for providing a great deal of spare disk space for the foreseeable future. This internal 3.5-inch hard drive is the perfect solution for storing critical data and applications. Technophiles and hobbyists are attracted by the construction and operation of this Cisco 1 TB hard drive. The vast storage space found on the Cisco R200D1TC03 enables you to save all your software applications, high-definition videos, and digital camera pics with room ..


Cisco 15216-AD1-2-60.6 1-Channel 2 Path OADM Module Data Multiplexer

Spare Product, Wavelength: 1560.61 nm, Channel Spacing: 200 Ghz, Connector type: SC/UPCManufacturer: Cisco Systems, Inc Manufacturer Part Number: 15216-AD1-2-60.6= Brand Name: Cisco Product Model: 15216-AD1-2-60.6 Product Name: 15216-AD1-2-60.6 1-Channel 2 Path OADM Module Product Type: Data Multiplexer Form Factor: Desktop Weight (Approximate): 11.03 lb..


Cisco DS-SFP-FCGE-LW 1-Gb Ethernet and 1/2-Gbps Fibre Channel SFP LC

The DS-SFP-FCGE-LW SFP Module is hot-swappable transceivers that plug into ports on the Cisco MDS 9000 Family director switching modules and fabric switches. This transceiver give users the flexibility to choose different cabling types and distances on a port-by-port basis.Manufacturer: Cisco Systems, Inc Manufacturer Part Number: DS-SFP-FCGE-LW Brand Name: Cisco Product Model: DS-SFP-FCGE-LW Product Name: DS-SFP-FCGE-LW SFP Module Product Type: SFP Application/Usage: Data Networking Interfaces/Ports: 1 x..