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Compaq 171982-001 10/100 Management Module

Also works in: 35/70 DLT libraries, Storageworks 9326D tape library, TL890, TL881, TL891 Storage libraries...


Compaq 180726-002 18.2GB Ultra SCSI 3 10k RPM Fujitsu Hard Drive

Compaq 18.2 GB 10k RPM 3.5" 80-pin SCSI Hard Drive, Model 180726-002..


Compaq EOD006 20/40 GB DDS4 DAT Tape Drive Internal 158856-001

Today's rapidly expanding networks and information systems require a fast, reliable storage solution. The new DDS-4 format, based on the firmly established DDS media system, is the answer. 40GB¹ in a compact DAT-size cartridge offers more than enough capacity to back up new generation of larger hard disk drives. Very fast transfer rate of 17GB/hour not only assures a safe backup within an ever-shrinking backup window, but also minimizes the downtime while restoring data. Full read and write backward compat..


Compaq 210682-001 210682-001 20/40GB DDS-4 DAT Hot Plug SCSI Internal

# Product Type: Tape Drives # Technology Category: 4mm (DAT) # Recording Format: DDS-4 # Capacity: 20/40 GB # Interface: SCSI LVD # Form Factor: Internal - 3.5"/5.25..


Compaq 122874-001 4/8GB DAT (DDS2) Internal SCSI Tape Drive

8GB with hardware data compression, 1MB buffer, Max. Burst transfer rate 10MB/sec (Synchronous), SCSI 2, Single ended, 120m, DDS2 Tape..