ADC Kentrox

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ADC Kentrox 78222 D-SERV T1/FT1 DSU / CSU Stand Alone

The D-SERV T1 is a single-port DSU combined with CSU functionality. It is T1, FT1, and DCS compatible, and supports frame-based services. The D-SERV accepts a serial data signal of any multiple of Nx56 kbps or Nx64 kbps bandwidth from your DTE, up to 1.536 Mbps. DS0 channel allocation is selectable, contiguous or alternating, with optional channel location.The D-SERV accepts clocking from either network, internal, or DTE timing sources. DTE timing allows the unit to be used in tail circuit applications. I..


ADC Kentrox 72656 DataSMART

The DataSMART 656 combines ease of installation, intelligent operation and application flexibility. Designed for smaller offices or remote sites, it offers reliable connectivity for high-speed data or video network access. Includes Ethernet connection and front-panel LCD for simplified local management. Includes Ethernet connection and front-panel LCD for simplified local management.Supports Internet access or LAN/WAN connectivity...


ADC Kentrox 72658 DataSMART 658 T1 DSU / CSU

The DataSMART 658 Single-Port Add/Drop DSU/CSU is designed for businesses that require both voice and data services. With the DataSMART 658, you can integrate your voice traffic from a T1 PBX and data or Internet traffic onto a single T1/FT1 line, avoiding multiple WAN access charges. The DataSMART 658 key features are: economical integration of data and voice traffic, Add/Drop port is compatible with T1 multiplexers, compatibility with all routers, and PBXs with T1 interface, simplified local management vi..


ADC Kentrox 72696 DataSMART 696 DSU / CSU, 1P, SA, Ethernet

The FrameVision line of DataSMART Frame Monitoring DSU/CSUs lets you manage your Frame Relay network from end to end. These DSU/CSUs continuously gather detailed statistics on network availability, bandwidth utilization, congestion, delay, and excess bursting. With this information, you can optimize bandwidth, proactively determine service congestion and data loss, isolate network problems, and confirm service level agreements (SLAs). With DataSMART Frame Monitoring DSU/CSUs, you can determine when you are ..