ADC Kentrox

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ADC Kentrox 15951 DataSmart T3/E3 SA SNMP IDSU D

The Kentrox DataSMART T3/E3 IDSU (Intelligent Data Service Unit) provides economical and flexible access for high-speed data networking. The DataSMART T3/E3 IDSU provides powerful access for bandwidth-intensive Frame Relay and high-speed router applications. With a selectable T3 or E3 network interface, the DataSMART IDSU supports worldwide enterprise applications. And with a HSSI and V.35/EIA-530/X.21 data port, the versatile IDSU supports almost any data requirement.This unit does not come with a rack..


ADC Kentrox 72521 E1 DataSMART MAX 2-Port DSU/CSU AC Power Supply

The DataSMART MAX Dual-Port Add/Drop features two data ports and a DS1 interface that offers add/drop connectivity for a PBX or a multiplexer. This capability allows voice, video, and data to be integrated onto a single network service. In addition, the two data ports have programmable interfaces allowing them to support a variety of data equipment including routers and video codecs...


ADC Kentrox FX8800 Magnum 100 13 Slot Multiplexer Chassis

ADC Kentrox is the world leader in manufacturing network accessories. The company provides the whole range of networking equipment. ADC accessories are intended for different types of networks and are noted for their outstanding reliability and superior quality. ADC Kentrox offers Magnum100 main chassis and expansion chassis without power supplies...


ADC Kentrox CC8885Z-01 Magnum 100 Dual Port Ethernet Switch Module

ADC Fibermux CC8885Z-01 Magnum 100 (M100) 2 Port (AUI, RJ45) Bridging Ethernet Switch Module...


ADC Kentrox 78285 Multirate CSU/DSU D-SERV 56/64

The D-SERV 56/64 provides economical access to widely available digital services, including frame-based services such as SMDS, Frame Relay, and ATM. The D-SERV 56/64 is a multirate DDS DSU/CSU that supports any DDS corporate application. Compact size and ease of configuration provide full "plug-and-play" capability, facilitating quick installation turn-up time. The D-SERV 56/64 is ideal for accessing the Internet, interconnecting LANs, and connecting remote PCs to local hosts.*** THESE UNITS DO NOT INCL..