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Force10 Networks LC-ED-1GE-24P 24-Port Gigabit Ethernet LAN Phy Line Cards with SFP

The Force10 E-Series switch/routers provide best-in-class resiliency, unmatched scalability, line-rate performance and full L2 switching and IPv4/IPv6 routing. Based on revolutionary system architecture that combines fully distributed hardware and modular software, the E-Series switch/routers ensure predictable application performance, increase network availability and reduce operating costs...


Force10 Networks S50-01-GE-48T-AC 48-Port Gigabit Switch QoS Multicast Stacking Routing Switch

The Force10 S25N and S50N bring core-like resiliency in a compact form factor to the network edge, enabling cost-effective scalability. These high performance and low latency Gigabit Ethernet switches deliver the critical functionality that advanced data center network edges demand.Coupled with the E-Series and C-Series, which deliver unmatched resiliency and performance, the S25N and S50N enable IT managers to deploy a reliable end-to-end 10 GbE solution that spans from core to network edge.Line-rate G..


Force10 Networks SA-01-GE-48T 48-Port Gigabit Switch QoS Multicast Stacking Routing Switch

The Force10 Networks S50 High Performance Data Center Switch is part of the Force10S-Series and is a compact router/switch. The Force 10 Networks external switch is a cost-effective solution that delivers high gigabit Ethernet density by eliminating bandwidth bottlenecks. For network administrators looking for a reliable 48-port external switch, the Force10 Networks S50 High Performance Data Center Switch can provide most of the features required to keep a network up and running in a reliable and efficient ..


Force10 Networks LC-CB-10GE-8P 8-Port 10Gigabit Ethernet Line-card, XFP Optics

Uses approved 10G Small-form Factor Pluggable (XFP) optical tranceivers providing support for SR, LR, ER, and ZR optical interfaces. Optics are required.The CB series line cards support the following CAM configurations:12K Layer 3 IP forward information base (FIB) 16K Layer 2 FIB 768 Layer 2 access control list (ACL) entries 768 Layer 3 access control list (ACL) entries Supports online insertion and removal (OIR) of line card Supports ingress Layer 2 and Layer 3 ACL processing across all ports Supports ..


Force10 Networks SA-01-10GE-2C Dual Port CX4 Interface Stacking Module

Force10 SA-01-10GE-2C - Dual Port 10G CX4 Module for SA-01-GE-48T Switch..


Force10 Networks LC-EF3-10GE-2P E300 Terascale 2-Port 10-Gigabit Ethernet LAN/WAN PHY line Card

The 2-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet line card for the Force10 E-Series E300 is based on the innovative Force10 TeraScale ASICs and provides pluggable XFP optics supporting distances up to 80km. This line card provides industry-leading density of up to 12 line rate, non-blocking 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports in a single chassis. Additionally, the TeraScale ASICs and E-Series architecture enable line rate performance with QoS and Access Control Lists (ACLs) enabled, jumbo frame support, with simultaneous full function..