Adtran 1202052L1 TSU 100E SA SNMP T1/FT1 CSU/DSU 1202.052L1

TSU 100E SA SNMP T1/FT1 CSU/DSU 1202.052L1

AdTran TSU 100e V.35 T1 FT1 CSU/DSU Multiplexer Model 1202.052L1. The ADTRAN TSU 100e is a full-featured T1/FT1 Data Service/ Channel Service Unit(DSU/CSU). The TSU provides an interface between T1 or Fractional T1 service and the end users Data Terminal Equipment(DTE) for applications such as LAN to LAN bridging, Frame Relay circuit termination and videoconferencing. The TSU 100e provides access to traditional dedicated point-to-point T1 services as well as network termination for Frame Relay. The TSU 100 supports synchronous data rates from 56 kbps to 1.536 Mbps at Nx56 or Nx64 kbps. A V.35 or RS-530 physical interface provides a connection to the end users DTE equipment. For configuration and testing, the TSU 100 provides the capability to control a remote TSU through the T1 FDL channel. If the FDL channel is unavailable, the TSU can use 8 kbps of the data traffic to provide configuration and control of the remote unit. The in-band control channel is used on an as needed basis and is automatically controlled by the TSU 100. The TSU 100 responds to standard local and remote loopback commands from the telephone company central office. In addition, the user has several built-in test capabilities including V.54 remote loopback and 511 BERT test patterns. Complete configuration and performance data is available from the front panel keypad and two-line by 16 character LCD display.

- T1/FT1 DSU/CSU Mux
- Single built-in V.35 DTE interface for applications such as LAN-to-LAN bridging.
Frame Relay circuit termination and videoconferencing
- Bantam test jacks
- Supports VT100 terminal configuration and control mode using control port
- SF/ESF/Auto Detection
- Timing: Network, Internal, or DTE

. Single expansion slot supports up to four additional DTE interfaces
. User-programmable bandwidth allocation per port via front panel, VT100, SLIP management, or T-Watch PROTM
. SNMP management (SLIP interface only) Two DS0 configuration maps provisioned to switch at predetermined times

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  • Description: Adtran 1202052L1 TSU 100E SA SNMP T1/FT1 CSU/DSU 1202.052L1

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